Sewing Adventures
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Sewing Adventures

Hiya! I’m Leesa the small business owner and manger of Sewing Adventures!

Follow your dreams they say! Well my life has been full of those paths – I come from a creative handmade family, growing up doing markets – making, creating and working hard, in a family that encouraged us to follow our own dreams.

Both my Nana and Mum gave me their sewing genes – from an era when fabric was abundant and plentiful, the suburbs had fabulous fabric stores and habby, and people made their families clothes each season.

With my creative background, love of sewing and business development background – Sew Adventures was a path that I dreamed of but was never sure would happen. In July and August 2017 some crazy things happened…. the rainbows came out and the stars aligned – to give me the opportunity to take on my new venture. Sewing Adventures was born!

Created out of the need to provide a social sewing space that offered classes that suited people just like me! Like-minded souls who wanted more sewing experiences in a fun, friendly and non-judgemental environment. Sewing Adventures really describes what we do – the perfect fit and the best name!

With a fabulous team of teachers, who are friendly, passionate, skilled and love sewing – we have this amazing custom Sewing Studio in Salisbury. Teaching, planning, organising – I am actively involved in the business everyday. So come and join us….. learn to sew…. expand your skills with us.

Fun! Social! Creative! Let’s Sew!